Kia Ora and welcome to Simply Silver.

We take pride in supplying you with quality health products that are natural, simple and effective.

Our range of Ionic Colloidal Silver products are made with care and attention to provide you with a simple health solution for the whole family.

We have been making our quality range since 1998 and have a wide following in New Zealand and internationally. Our famous Colloidal Silver Cream has become legendary and we welcome you to read comments our happy customers have sent us.

Colloidal Silver is renowned worldwide for it’s antimicrobial and healing qualities. At Simply Silver we make our ionic silver without any additives whatsoever - just ultra purified water and silver ions from the purest silver ingots available (99.99% pure)....we like to keep things simple and as close to nature as possible.

Skin health is a big part of our business - every day we hear from people suffering from eczema, psoriasis, tinea, itching, rashes, burns and all manner of skin irritations and infections.

We are here to assist your body to return your skin to natural good health and help keep your immune system in top form.

Our products are suitable for everybody - babies to the elderly and don’t forget the family pets!. Men love our no-nonsense skincare products for their healing and protective qualities, so much so we have a range especially for men !

We look forward to providing you with products and service we are proud of.

Ka kite ano

Colloidal Silver