Animals and Gardens


dog.jpg In our own family we use colloidal silver liquid drops in our dogs eyes as they are prone to running eyes and tear duct infections. Apply drops in your animals’ ears too if they show symptoms of infection or irritation.

Adding a tablespoonful to your animals drinking water is a sure way to keep your animals in tone by enhancing their immune systems and keeping their systems healthy.

We supply a significant quantity of our Colloidal Silver to horse breeders here in New Zealand. It is very popular to use as a douche for the mare prior to mating. It is added to their drinking troughs and sprayed or dabbed onto any skin damage, cuts, bruises or areas of coat thinning. A cotton ball soaked in Colloidal Silver and packed into a gammy hoof overnight, and changed daily will soon uncover the growth of healthy new tissue.

Spray onto any areas of your animals’ coats where you can see skin irritation underneath. If hair loss is bad, use the colloidal silver cream. Apply twice daily to any affected skin.

You can use our Colloidal Silver products with complete confidence and safety on your beloved pets. An eye dropper comes in handy for administering small doses to birds and other very small animals. Add a few tablespoonsful to your goldfish bowl!

Gardens and Home Use

Wetting the soil with Colloidal Silver liquid once seeds have been planted encourages them to germinate more quickly. Spray young seedlings daily with the liquid and watch them thrive!

Add a tablespoonful to your cut flowers to prolong their life in the vase and help keep the water algae free.

Spray on any plants infected with fungus as a safe alternative to chemical garden sprays.

If you have rainwater tanks for your water supply, add Colloidal Silver liquid to the tanks to keep the water fresh and free from any bacteria that may be present.

Use diluted Colloidal Silver in a spray bottle for general cleaning around your kitchen and bathroom. Spray on benches, basins and showers to keep bacteria under control.