What can you use Simply Silver cream for?

...remember – it's a skin food!

  • Moisturizer – dry, rough flaky skin.Try it on sunspots. Both men and women enjoy the nourishing rich quality of our cream.
  • Irritated skin like eczema, psoriasis and rashes where the skin is dry , itchy or broken.
  • Nappy rash, cradle cap in babies. Use silver spray at every nappy change.
  • Tinea and fungal infections. If you go to the gym, prevention is the best weapon. Rub cream on after your workout. Use to prevent sweat rashes like jock itch and if you are seated a lot use in the groin area(wheelchair users especially). Many rashes are caused by fungal infection – often people don’t realize this and go onto steroid type creams to clear it up, so try simply silver cream instead..
  • Acne responds well because of the antibacterial properties in the cream – teens should use the spray after cleansing.
  • Men love our cream! Our male friends often shy away from using cosmetics as such , but we sell a lot of our cream to men because they like the unfragranced no-nonsense simplicity of it….and it works! Use on dry work damaged hands – especially after handling concrete and soils. Gardeners get very dry hands – use before and after work. Rub well into the hands and forearms. Sailing – use for those salt rashes you get from salty wet clothes touching the skin all day. Shaving – perfect to use after you have sprayed with silver liquid. We have some fun combo-packs especially for the menfolk .
  • Sunburn – excellent for taking the redness and inflammation out and soothing the sun damaged skin. Use the spray first – every hour and then apply the cream before bed. Sunspots respond well to regular applications.
  • Burns of all kinds – also scar tissue. Use after the skin has closed over. Use the spray initially to keep the burn clean and soothed.

Simply Silver cream is our favourite product and our best seller by far. We love hearing from our customers about how this wonderful product has helped them – most people tell us they had it recommended by a friend. It’s so versatile and user friendly – that’s the key really – a good honest cream you can rely on.