June 17, 2021
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Bloody Good Skin Food Pack
Bloody Good Skin Food Pack For the active Man – rejuvenates the skin.
First apply...
Bloody Good Spray
Soothes & heals with the healing power of silver. Perfect to spray on after shaving. Hydrates your skin after work, sports and the great outdoors - for everyday use.
Ideal for sunburn, shaving rash and dry "air-conditioned" skin.
(colloidal silver blended with botanical hydrosols)

Then apply……
Bloody Good Cream
The ultimate skin food – protects, penetrates, hydrates and heals (silver healing power)
Use as a moisturiser to nourish your skin. Dry, inflammed, irritated skin relief. Perfect to use after shaving. Use liberally after sun/ski/surf/wind or dry office conditions.
(contains colloidal silver, UMF manuka honey, virgin avocado oil, organic calendula, essential oils)

Bloody Good Soap
For a bloody good scrub.
Cleanses, invigorates. Not smelly.
(coconut oil base with shea butter, manuka honey, avocado and calendula oil – non drying )

PS: We developed Bloody Good for the last Rugby World Cup as gift boxes for a TV website promotion. Feedback was so good we have decided to bring the range to market – great gift idea for the man who has everything – or nothing!

Products contain no synthetic fragrances, colours or parabens– just bloody good natural ingredients! Colloidal Silver is used in our Bloody Good Products due to its healing and anti inflammatory properties. It has natural antimicrobiall properties and can be used on the most sensitive skins with confidence.

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